Nutrition seminar which was established (UNICEF) conclude Merca Town Lower Shabelle Region

This seminar has been going 8 days from 3 June until 10 June , it was conclude at the hall training at IMAN CENTER for WFL in Merca Town Lower Shabelle Region . 

This seminar has been funded Organization by UNITED NATION Children Fun (UNICEF) especial South and Central zone office in based Johar Somalia and the seminar handed 4 international NGO 32haelthy nutrition workers they came from different palaces M.C.H Muslim aid mercy hospital banaadir general  hospital marka in 4 region in south somaliia  lower juba middle juba lawer shabbeele and banadir region   

The participate were benefited  how{community can management of acute  malnutrition  }to the children under five years  the seminar into the divided

Four  parts  

A.supplementry feeding program ( S,F.P.)

B (Out patient therapeutic feeding (OTP)

C.stabalzation center inpatient (SCI)

d community base .(CB) 

the seminar was facilities by two nutrition specialist  came from UNICEF Southern and Central Somalia miss (unnsilokoset) and Mr. Abdirizak Osman Hussein the conclusion of the seminar was speaking Mr. Abdirizak Osman is the UNICEF nutrition officer for South and Central zone Somalia told the trainers will increases education capacity qualified nurse and health workers and how to save the life of children under 5 years and he advised the participate to double their efforts to support Somali people , how ever this seminar one for advanced nutrition training that is UNICEF planning to conduct Somali people.




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