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Canadian Somali Congress participates in a panel discussion on Alberta’s failure to fully integrate Canadian Somalis


The vast majority of Somalis in Canada are no longer immigrants but are Canadian citizens.

Canadian Somali Congress National President Ahmed Husen spoke on the panel about
Alberta’s failure to fully integrate young Canadian Somalis. Issues such as integration, self-help and fair treatment were discussed. Ahmed Hussen also spoke about the fact that the vast majority of Somalis in Canada have either been born in this country or have lived here for decades and as such, cannot be accurately classified as immigrants or newcomers. Due to this fact, the Canadian Somali community does not need more immigrant settlement services. What is desperately needed is for policy makers to shift their perception of this community and see them as Canadian citizens with rights and responsibilities. This would allow for the provision of integration services such as access to jobs and professions that would enable Canadian Somalis to enjoy the fruits of the mainstream. This panel discussion was produced by the daily current affairs show Alberta Prime Time.


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